Important update to the 2023 Katana Liquidity Mining Program
A foundation for future Ronin desktop games
One Step Closer to RON Staking!

December 2022

New year, new emissions

November 2022

Saigon, an open testnet for Ronin, is live!
Hear about our plans to become the next generation web3 publisher, creating successful smashbox games and robust partnerships
We’re delighted to ship a major upgrade to the Ronin Mobile Wallet!

September 2022

Sky Mavis has entered into a multi-year collaboration with Google Cloud to bolster the security of Ronin

August 2022

Introducing: Efficient Frontier, Community Gaming, & Nansen to Ronin's validator set
Learn about Ronin’s benefits and story. Apply for ecosystem support.

June 2022

We are thrilled to report that after three audits, the Ronin Bridge is officially open and ready for use. This means that users can now easily make…
A step towards opening up Ronin for more builder activity